About Me

My name is Ryan McCann and I am a first year student at Hofstra University. As a writer, I draw from and write about personal experiences and the lessons that I have learned through those experiences. When writing about these experiences, I tend to use a lot of detail to try to help the reader understand how I felt in the particular situation.

Creative writing comes easiest to me although my strengths lie in research based papers, which is beneficial since I am on track to become an archaeologist, a profession with endless amounts of research. I am also adept at analysis according to my SAT scores and I can understand most writings and complex words based off of context clues. One weakness of mine would probably be coming up with and elaborating on points in my persuasive essays and also relating them to ethos, logos and pathos. Also extending the rhetoric devices into strong sentences in formal writing. I prefer to write the way I speak unless it is a research paper. Another strength of mine is taking facts from texts and other resources and putting them on paper for the reader to better understand.

Ultimately I don’t enjoy writing because it’s a constant activity for me, with all of the assignments that I receive from my classes. Because of this, writing has become a tedious task similar to a chore at home, but harder. By harder I mean writing is like doing anything with your non dominant hand. It can still be done but it feels awkward and uncomfortable, as well as take more time and may not be as effective as working with your dominant hand. Asking me to write about my writerly self is more like washing the dishes after thanksgiving with my right hand behind my back while the rest of the family starts dessert. Give me an assignment on ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome, and it’s like taking out the garbage (I have a short driveway) but with full use of both hands. Still a chore but not too difficult at all.

I am very new to blogging. I don’t even microblog. I do have a twitter but I don’t actually tweet anything, I just use it as a news source.

Also, I am a terrible speller so I am going to apologize in advance for any mistakes that there might be on this blog.