Herstory Tags and Summaries Pt. 2

Yolanda Gress

  1. Cold
  2. Winter
  3. Homless
  4. Jesus
  5. Children
  6. Blankets
  7. Kindness
  8. Car
  9. Language Barrier
  10. Parking Lot
  11. Home
  12. Thankful

Yolanda Gress tells about a time when she was driving her son to a high schooler’s house for tutoring. On the way, she and her son see a homeless man at a red light who is suffering in the harsh January weather. Her son comments on the state of the man and they both wish to help, but she hesitates and drives on. Before he leaves, her son asks her to look for the man on the way back home. She holds true to this and goes off to find the man to give him blankets and a ride to wherever he was walking.


Elizabeth Heyn

  1. Moving (Homes)
  2. Family Death
  3. Nazi
  4. Discrimination
  5. Unexpected Happiness
  6. Greatful
  7. Jewish
  8. Restricted
  9. Protection
  10. “Jew House”
  11. Regulation
  12. Holocaust

In this novel by Elizabeth Heyn, she recounts her past in Nazi Germany. In this excerpt she tells how she moves from her original home to a “Jew House” where she is happier since she doesn’t yet understand the discrimination against her people, she is just happy she has her own room. Her family has to adapt to the new rules and regulations that are being enforced the Nazis. In the excerpt from chapter twelve she continues with her new way of life.


“Alone and Broken”- Angie DePuy

  1. Work
  2. Sadness
  3. Cold
  4. Homeless
  5. Abandoned house
  6. Mother
  7. Numb
  8. Home
  9. Safety
  10.  Stoned
  11.  School
  12.  Abuse

In “Alone and Broken,” Angie DePuy reflects on the abuse that leads her to become homeless. She grows up with an abusive mother, and after a near death experience, DePuy escapes and doesn’t look back. For two years, she lives in an abandoned house while working and attending school. Despite the decrepit conditions of the abandoned house, she feels safer and more comfortable there than at home with her mother. Her experiences cause her to lose all faith.


“Climbing Forever” by Muriel Weyl

  1. Stairs
  2. Climbing
  3. Steps
  4. Snell Painting
  5. Soleri bells
  6. Tiles
  7. Carpet
  8. Art
  9. Age
  10. Life
  11. Death
  12. Future
  13. Memories

“Climbing Forever” by Muriel Weyl is a story about her home and her memories. She reminisces about her past with her friends, when they would go to art shows, collect art, and various other works like soleri bells. Weyl now eighty-one still wants to work on projects and build onto her staircase. A new stair for each year of her life.

“To Hold You in My Arms” by Stephany Ramirez

  1. Immigration
  2. Dominican Republic
  3. America
  4. Airport
  5. Separation
  6. Reunion
  7. Family
  8. Home
  9. Moving
  10. New york City
  11. Spanish
  12. Community

Stephany Ramirez tells her story of her separation and her reunion with her parents. From growing up in the Dominican Republic to flying to America to see her parents again. Ramirez talks about her life in the Dominican Republic and how anxious she was to leave and start a new life. She leaves behind her friends and her family and many other things in the Dominican Republic for a new life in America.


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