I mean, I guess I am…

A question has been posed to me and my fellow classmates asking if we think that we’re writers. The only response that I can think of is I guess I am a writer. If I wasn’t a writer I wouldn’t be typing these words right now. I wouldn’t have anything to turn in for my assignments like projects one or two. I wouldn’t have made it this far in life without being a writer in some sense. So yes I am a writer, but only in the most basic sense; I can do it when I’m asked to do it. I turn in assignments for grades just so I will be able to continue studying things that actually are interesting to me. By no means am I a writer who enjoys writing. There is no such thing as an easy writing assignment for me. I can’t even fathom how people can write for fun. In my about me page I made, in my opinion, a spot on analogy for writing: “Asking me to write about [uninteresting topic] is more like washing the dishes after thanksgiving with my right hand behind my back while the rest of the family starts dessert. Give me an assignment on [something interesting] and it’s like taking out the garbage (I have a short driveway) but with full use of both hands. Still a chore but not too difficult at all.” 

This honestly was one of the easier assignments for me to write since it’s easy for me to complain about how I don’t like writing. And when I say ‘easy’ it still took me over an hour to complete this assignment because writing is so boring to me that I could barely focus on something as simple as a few hundred words.


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