Assignment 7B “Heroes of the Frontier”

I think that Eggers decides to be so descriptive when he writes about the family crawling through the scree of the avalanche to, in a way, bring the ending of the book along the “the night is darkest just before the dawn” route. This is very obvious in the sense that they had to overcome the worst obstacle that they have experienced, the avalanche in the pouring rain. They did this to get to their dawn, which was a cabin with a sparkling blue lake and a surprise party inside, even though they were the only people in the cabin. In the slightly less obvious sense, the cabin allowed Josie to finally appreciate her children. We see this on the very last page when Eggers writes “Josie found herself smiling, knowing they had done what they could with what they had, and they had found joy and purpose in every footstep. They had made hysterical music and they had faced formidable obstacles in this world and had laughed and had triumphed and had bled freely but were now naked together and warm, and the fire before them would not die. Josie looked at the bright flaming faces of her children and knew this was exactly who and where they were supposed to be (Eggers 384).” This is a very powerful closing paragraph for the novel in regards to Josie becoming content with her family life. She finally appreciates her children and is comfortable with them and who they are. This is where they’re supposed to be. In this cabin, naked, cold, being warmed by the fire, and together. Now if only Josie had realized this about 382 pages beforehand, she would’ve saved herself so much trouble. By trouble I mean the “night” in the aforementioned metaphor. As soon as her business fails and her divorce, the “night” in her life begins so she decides to run away from her problems and just make things worse. The avalanche and thunderstorm are just the icing on the shitshow cake that is Josie’s life after coming to Alaska. The avalanche is when she gets to the absolute low point of her actions. Then, just as the saying goes, the sun comes up after it is the darkest and they find the cabin with a party set up.


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