Assignment 6A “Heroes of the Frontier”

Josie has always thought of her children as holding her back in her life. I mentioned an example of this in my blog of “assignment 4” when Josie realized that “interesting people cannot bear children (Eggers 150).” She wants to be interesting even though her having children has ensured that she is not, nor will she ever be, interesting. She sees having the kids as a very negative thing in her life even though, if she were to be a little more positive, they could bring her so much joy to her life. This is a reoccurring theme throughout the book until she goes on a bike ride to get away from her children. While she is appreciating the beauty of nature, she thinks that her children are the reason that she doesn’t do this more often, but then she thinks that “Our children are beautiful, too, but we must find a way to combine these things, so we’re not missing one for the other. Could it be so hard (Eggers 256)?” This shows that she still does appreciate her children at the end of the day even though they stress her out, and honestly, they probably do make her miss out on certain things more than if she wasn’t a mother. Despite these thoughts she still does love them and wants to be able to combine the beauty of nature with the beauty of her children so she wont miss out. This is almost immediately countered by her thoughts when she is drunkenly riding her bike back to their RV. As she attempts to drive straight she thinks “The beauty of this nowhere world. I love this. Where are my children? Can I love this without them? I can and I do. This is my best life. Among this beauty, on my way to them (Eggers 258). This means that she is appreciating the beauty of nature and she doesn’t care where her kids are in that moment. She is perfectly content with loving it without them. This is her best life. Without her kids and in the middle of nowhere, where nothing is predictable.


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