Assignment 5B “Heroes of the Frontier”

In the early pages of chapter twelve, Josie seems very overwhelmed with taking care of her children, as always. Although in these few pages it seemed like she was even more stressed and tense than normal. This could’ve been because she had been drinking earlier that night, or maybe because she had been woken up to evacuate since there was a wildfire headed for the campground. The combination of these two things definitely were jarring, and would make anybody as unfocused and frantic as she seemed. This behavior carried out until she finally arrived on the highway with the other evacuees and began to drive to safety. The only problem with this is that her impulsive nature made her take the wrong exit. “Where the dirt road met the highway, most of the cars were going left, but she saw a man waving madly. She wanted to follow the other cars but this man–now she saw he was in a yellow uniform–was waving her the other way so passionately that she obeyed, going alone (Eggers 207).” This isn’t anything new though. Being impulsive is in her nature although this may be one of the most blatant examples of it in the book, she has been like this for a while. The reason for how obviously impulsive this action is, might be that she could still be intoxicated from earlier, or that she was startled by being woken in the middle of the night to evacuate because of a wildfire. Normally she comes up with reasons to do impulsive things, like her divorce was the reason she dragged her kids to Alaska to drive around in an old RV.  This time she just outright takes the different exit because she saw a man waving her that way. Even though every other vehicle before her went left, she just had to be different and change her environment around her to being solitary and the only RV on the road. This impulsivity of hers comes back to bite her in the ass because she ends up driving into the wildfire and then has to tell her children that they aren’t in any danger after they turn around even though they still were. This most definitely added to the stress of her having to take care of her children, which most likely intensified her mindset of being overwhelmed.


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