Josie vs Refugees

Josie is by no means a hero. She left her home for what she thought was a justifiable reason; she divorced her husband. While this may be a good enough reason to move houses or even change the city that you live in, it does not make moving to Alaska, dragging her kids along with her, and living in a piece of crap RV okay. Especially when you take into consideration all of the worse things that are happening in the real world today. Things like the situation in Syria where there are thousands of people that are being forced out of their homes because of the warfare that is going on around them.

Josie is running away from her problems because she doesn’t want to face them. She has difficulty with interacting with people because she has such a negative outlook on humanity and how she’s the only smart one with how she’s living her life by changing it when she gets bored with it, and she gets bored a lot. The Syrian refugees actually fit the the definition of hero; a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. I doubt that they’re admired for what they are going through, but how the parents even act brave in front of their children, just so their children will stay calm, is endlessly admirable.


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