The Stuff of Home (Questions)

  1. What appeals to you about this object? Why did you select it?
    1. I used to bake with my mom when I was a kid and I wanted to see how her common cookbooks compare to 1800’s cookbooks
  2. What type of object is it?
    1. A cookbook from 1833
  3. What aspect of the object will you research?
    1. How the books have changed over 200 years
  4. Describe the material nature of the object.
    1. A small deteriorated book with what appeared to be leather covers that were pretty dried up. The spine has the title of the book which is still barely legible, with fading floral patterns above and below the title. The back cover is being held on only by two pieces of tape. The pages are brown from old age and weathering.
  5. What’s the provenance of the object? What part of Long Island is it from? What date was it made?  Who is the maker?  Who/what is the subject?
    1. Hartford Connecticut, published by Andrus and Judd, 1833
    2. Andrus and Judd (?) Cookbook, making food 1800’s style
  6. What was the intended distribution of the object? Personal? Public?
    1. Personal use since it was intended “for the use of private families”, but in a sense it could also be public if you look at it as a published book that many families probably owned
  7. What does this object suggest about home during the period it was produced?
    1. Families back then were a lot more self sufficient; they grew some of their own food, spices, and herbs, and raised livestock and didn’t mind butchering the animal themselves.
  8. Is this object exceptional for its time?
    1. It seems to be a common cookbook that families would use regularly in that time period. The only exceptional thing about it is that its just under 200 years old.
  9. What’s the real story of the object? How does its story correlate to your own thoughts of home?
    1. It was probably used often by the family but kept in good condition so maybe it was a family heirloom that was passed down for generations.
    2. Daughters in that time period learned to cook with their moms and use books like this one.
    3. My mom has a lot of recipes in her cookbook like this one except the recipes are for meals that are completely different then than what we would eat today
    4. I enjoyed to make things from the book, especially shortcake and I’m sure that some of the people who used this old book had favorite meals to prepare
  10. Does encountering this object make you think differently about home?
    1. I don’t really think of home that differently but it does fascinate me how it has changed over that past few hundred years

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